A New Family

The wheels of the machine sprang to life with a heavy groan. The deafening sound of gears turning reverberated in the small run-down room. A normal man would find the noise overwhelming but Rayland Green found it rather musical. The hungry machine devoured the power from the last few soul stones he had left in […]


James Harwell stumbled as he dragged himself to the door. His friends all burst into laughter as he propped himself up against the door frame, holding onto it for support.   “Oh, look at the new Sergeant, can’t even hold his drink, how the hell do they expect him to handle an axe!” Ainsworth yelled […]

A young girl

A young girl looks in her bedroom mirror to apply her lipstick.  Nothing is reflected back at her, just darkness. A darkness so black that it stares into her soul, ready to devour her entire being.  She tries to look away but is entranced by its nothingness and the promises that it might hold. Oblivion. […]