A young girl

A young girl looks in her bedroom mirror to apply her lipstick.  Nothing is reflected back at her, just darkness. A darkness so black that it stares into her soul, ready to devour her entire being.  She tries to look away but is entranced by its nothingness and the promises that it might hold. Oblivion. She lifts her hand, slowly inching it towards the darkness.  She could feel its biting cold as she moves her finger closes and closer. An inch from the glass she stops. Her heart beats fast with anticipation but something is holding her back.  Some part of her knows that the darkness is lying to her, that the only promise it holds is pain and despair. A knock on the door causes her to turn around, to pull her finger, that was hovering so close to the darkness, back towards her.  “Molly, you’re going to be late for school!” Her mother shouts from behind the close door. “Coming mom,” Molly replies. She turns back to the glass. The darkness is gone, replaced by the image of a monster. The creature has no eyes and no nose but it had a mouth.  A mouth that was contorted in a wicked smile. Molly tries to scream but a barbed tongue shoots out towards her. It wraps around her neck and pulls her into the glass without so much as a sound. Molly Hatman is never heard from again.

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