Battle at The Duban Prospecting Site

The following is a dramatizations of a game my brother and I played for the Kurage campaign. I lost tack of time and forgot to post it, so I am posting it on my personal blog. Hope you enjoy!


Shaheed el-Sabet of the Zhayedan Intervention Troop rubbed his hands together, trying to fight off the cold. He had been doing this for the last hour to no avail and the cold was piercing the thermal gloves that covered his hand like a hot knife through butter. With stiff fingers he screwed open his trusty flask and took a big swig. He could feel the liquid move down his throat and settle in his belly, bringing him a moment of respite from the cold. He pushed the flask into his belt and pulled out his binoculars, scanning the surrounding area. The Duban Prospecting site was quiet.

“Team, report in,” Shaheed ordered across all channels.

“All clear in sector 8,” Rifat repiled.

“I see movement in sector 15.” Maleeha reported in a cool voice. “Might just be some local wildlife. The proximity shield should be enough the keep it out.”

“Go take a look any-” An alert flashed on Shaheed’s watch interrupting him.

“All units converge on sector 12!” he shouted. “They’re targeting the generators!”

His heavy boots crushed in the snow as he headed towards the generators. He was the closest to sector 12, so when he rounded the corner into the generator room he was the only on there. He quickly scanned the room, holding up his breaker rifle. The generator that took up most of the room was still functioning normally. Something didn’t sit right with him, so he waited before calling out a false alarm. “The room’s too cold,” he whispered, looking around for the source of the cold.

“Confirming hostiles in sector 12” he whisper into his comms unit, seeing a small window situated on the opposite wall broken.

“ETA 2 minutes.” Rifat replied.

A noise from the back of the generator caused Shaheeds heart to start pounding.

Could he wait 2 minutes for back up?

Another bump answered his question. He replaced his breaker rifle with a light shotgun and moved slowly to the back of the generator. He jumped, gun raised, when he was greeted by a curious sight. A small little blue-ish creature was banging its head against the generator. It saw him, gave a toothless smile and then the Symbiobug exploded. The explosion wasn’t strong enough to destroy the generator but it was strong enough to force a restart of their entire defense system and throw Shaheed back with so much force that he crashed through the wall behind him.

“Tohaa,” he muttered over comms as he patched himself up with his AutoMediKit.


Shaheed looked out over the battlefield. “Not the best place for a fight,” he muttered.

Rifat of the Al Fasid Regiment shrugged. “If the enemy made it easy, there wouldn’t be any fun in it.” Shaheed could hear the smile in his voice.

The sensor had shown that only a small team of Tohaa had made it past the shields before power was restored. The loss of power also turned off all the heaters in this sector and he could already see an inch of ice starting to form on all the surfaces. Restoring heat just became their top priority. Shaheed tapped his watch, trying to bring up the sensors in this sector but the Tohaa had cleverly disabled them.

“Maleeha, get on that building and see about getting us a visual on the enmey.” Shaheed ordered.

Maleeha was exactly what he had expected of an Odalisque; beautiful, cold and deadly. He was honored when his superiors informed him that they would be sending her to accompany him.

She moved quickly towards a large building that had a perfect view of the last place the sensors detected the enemy. Grabbing hold of the ladder she pulled herself up effortless. A few seconds later she shrieked over comms; the horrible cries of a person dying. Her dead body toppled off the building and the viral ammunition was already devouring her face.

“Fuck!” Rifat roared over comms. He rushed forward, ducking low behind the building that Maleeha had climbed. He readied his rocket launcher, preparing to kill any Tohaa that dared cross his sight. Shaheed’s heart was pounding in his chest but he couldn’t let his squad see that he was shaken. He took a deep breath and focused his mind. He moved into position, covering Rifat and one of the heater consoles.

“Qais, you know how to operate one of those?” Shaheed asked, pointing at the console.

Qais, the Hafza assigned to his unit nodded.

“Get to it.”

Qais jumped over a barricade and sprinted past Rafit. A few well placed keystrokes later the heater next to Shaheed switched on, bathing the whole area in a orange glow.

Ok that covers us.

He was so focused on the console he didn’t notice the Tohaa that poked its head around the corner. A salvo of spitfire rounds smashed into the cover he was hiding behind, one breaking through and burying itself into his chest. He fell back on the floor. Comms erupted into cries. Shaheed tried giving orders to his soldiers but blood was already starting to fill his lungs. The units field medic sprinted around the corner trying to get to him but was mowed down by another hail of bullets. Shaheed could hear Rifat before more spitfire rounds tore him apart It was a massacre he thought numbly. He reached for his comms to try and signal the retreat but all comms were quite.

Everyone was dead.

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